Ventura, California

With our main studio/showroom in downtown Ventura, we are constantly exposed to the dual beauty of Ventura. Mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. That placement provides all of the visual inspiration needed to create iconic images. This above image was literally taken from a scene outside our window during winter swell.  A "thanks" goes out to this mystery surfer for providing the inspiration.

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Resident photographer (and friend) Kamilo Bustamante shot these photos while living in Ventura and attending Brooks. His ability to capture a "Ventura Day" is unmatched, and his eye for color speaks for itself. We miss you Kamilo. 


Ventura Streets

From Poli to Kimball and back down to the Ave. Every main street from West to East is depicted in this type tee. We feel like there's a shared pride in the streets we walk, bike or drive. It's the one thing that connects us all regardless of where you live in Ventura. 

No Man's Land