Giving Back

For every $20 spent on Native goods, $2-4 dollars goes to one of the below organizations. In 2017 your Native purchases contributed to over 500 dollars for these causes. The goal in 2018 is to sell enough to reach $1000 or more, and potentially sponsor a specific animal like Budi from the International Animal Rescue Organization. His incredible story can be seen here. Thank you for all of your support in the last few years!


Animal Rescue and Local Organizations


Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

An amazing non-profit organization that takes on the most extreme cases of animal neglect and abuse. Visiting his website is not for the faint of heart, but the success stories are as beautiful as they come.  

It takes this type of dedication to really make a difference.


Wildlife SOS

The non-profit organization behind the now infamous Sanjay rescue. A late night rescue that freed a chained elephant in India. The courage it took to pull this off was unheard of. Not limited to elephants this organization goes to serious lengths to save wild animals.


SOS Sumatran Orangutan

SOS exists to protect Sumatran orangutans, their forests and their future. Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered and without urgent action could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct. 

SOS is dedicated to turning this situation around.


International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue really does exactly what their name says - they save animals from suffering around the world. They cut free dancing bears in India, rescue primates from the illegal pet trade in Indonesia and treat stray dogs and cats around the world.


Angel City Pit Bull Rescue

A Los Angeles-based pitbull rescue pairing owners and abused pitbulls with dedicated owners. LA is completely overcrowded with Pitbulls. A problem that doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. 

This organization specifically aims to address that problem. 


Lincoln Elementary - 

Having recently constructed a street-facing "art wall", the school's dedication to visual arts is really clear. In an era where art budgets continue to be cut in California, this push requires community support and embodies the true spirit of art. 
What's life like w/o art?